Thor Jonsson

Eastern Pacific Ocean

Eastern Pacific Ocean

Professional water-photographer, designer and Founder of SEAR. Thor Jonsson has professionally been producing images since the year 2000.

Of Swedish parentage, Thor Jonsson was born in Paris, France, in 1976. Two years later, his family moved back to Sweden where he grew up on a farm, exposed to a life of crop raising and forestry.

Educated at the Kent Institute of Art & Design in Rochester, England, BA (Hons) Editorial & Advertising Photography.

Thor Jonsson's photographic work has been presented both at Fotografiska Museet - Stockholm, and The Annenberg Space for Photography - Los Angeles. In printed media his works have appeared in, among others, The Surfer's Path, Huck Magazine, and Modart.

"I love nature, design, surfing and photography, and I try to produce visual poetry. In an ongoing documentary project I look for essence, long term. Surfing is ethereal."

Thor Jonsson is currently based in Stockholm where he runs his own gallery.